"Chekhov 12 Seagull" - a series of performances 1996-1997, SPb-Dresden
"AXE PLATTFORM" - a series of performance 1997, Dresden
"DE PROFUNDIS" - a series of performance 1998-2000, SPb
"Green Goose" - performance for the theatre Toihous 2000, Austria
"60 min" - the project for the cultural capital of Europe, Helsinki
Ballet Zeged, the project for the Mask festival 2001, Hungary
"SINE LOCO" - coproduction with German actors for the festival ARENA 2001, Germany >>> link
"Tawny" Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, the exhibition of theatre design, 2003 www.pq.cz
"Faust. Signature" - co-production with Linea de Sombra theatre 2006, Mexico city
"Solesombra" - the performance for the Satira Theatre 2007, SPb
"Wheel of Power" - coproduction with Derevo, 2007, Manheim, Germany www.derevo.org
"WindRose" - coproduction with Derevo 2008, Dresden www.derevo.org
"Labyrinth" - the project for the festival of Open Cinema at the Petropavlovskaya fortress 2008, SPb